Hello my name is Allen Reynolds


I was born and raised in norristown pa. I am a bass player and singer. I started playing guitar and bass at the age of 4. My father was a blues guitarist and harmonica player. Way back in the early 60's me and my dad would play the blues down in our basement. His friends would ask me to play. I was shy I said no. Then one of my dad’s friends said I’ll give you a dollar. I said O.K. Thus my professional career started.


I’ve played with Cliff Nobles who did (The Horse) and used to show Benny Williams the right way to play bass lines. Little did I know he was the bass player on (The Horse). The Fantastic Johnny C who did Boogaloo Down Broadway ,Cliff Nobles, Benny Williams, Bobby Tucker were all friends of my dad. I didn’t know who they were. The would all jam down in our basement. I would listen to Benny and say that’s not how that bass line goes at age 7.


I’ve played with Brand New, Aphrodesia,Cliff Nobles, Last Phaze ,Half Moon,The Ebonys,Scott Sax,Stevie B, Dee Dee Sharp and The Allen Reynolds Band just to name a few. I have written and recorded hundreds of songs I’ve been playing the bass for 48 years and I will be playing for 48 more years. I guess I would have to say the high light of my career is when I used to live in florida and I played the bass for Stevie B. Where we played for a million people on Tampa bay. . God bless you all!



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